Maintenance of aircraft is not a simple task, especially if you have to support a great number of aircraft in different locations.
We designed and developed a platform automating a considerable part of paper work and increasing the speed of services during the maintenance of aviation equipment and aircraft.

The platform is intended for internal use in the JettPro company.

Below are the core features:

  • Document turnover automation;
  • Time accounting/calculation for maintenance and repair of different aircrafts;
  • Modules for tools calibration;
  • Inventory accounting modules;
  • Users notification modules within the system, (Important messages, material for study, reminders of certification, etc.);
  • Reporting Modules (on payments, balances on the warehouse, accounting and maintenance, etc.);
  • Modules for training and certification of personnel;

The most complex part of the project we're especially proud of is the back-end solution our team came up with. As a result, we developed a high-performance product capable of synchronizing and structuring a huge load of various data smoothly and without loss.

Just imagine how many details there are to to note, update or replace during the aircraft maintenance.

JettPro already had some of the legacy code before we got down to the development of the new platform.

Before developing new features we updated the existing modules and fixed the bugs, which included:

  • UI updates;
  • Implementing complex filtering by different types and options;
  • Introducing dynamic report generation and export to the different file formats (such as PDF and other);

As a result of our work, JettPro received a complete application, which brought their services to a new level and optimized the workflow significantly.