Our main specialization is development of web and mobile application. Our expert resources and global coverage guaranty successful completion of your project. We deliver high-level services and support to companies around the world.
Full-stack software development
We work both with backend and frontend technologies.
Our primary stack includes Python/Django, Angular, Ionic and React Native, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Web development

We provide development of web applications for a variety of business sectors. Nord-Soft leverages an extended set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries and tools to build projects of any scale and complexity. We help to transform your ideas into innovative solutions. Our team is ready to adapt to your project management procedures as needed.


Our team has extensive experience working with various hosting providers. We offer servers setup/configurations and automation to support delivery across all your applications, and use the most up-to-date tools to enable stable and predictable processes of continuous delivery.


We offer hybrid iOS app development for iPhone, and iPad. Our team can help you to create a mobile version of your website or develop a new application. Whether you have an initial idea or a detailed specifications or a half-ready application, we can lead your project to the successful completion.


We use the latest tools and techniques to build hybrid mobile applications that run smoothly on Android devices. You can rely on us to develop a new Android app, improve your existing one, or port your iOS app to Android platform.

QA & Support

We always control and evaluate our work to make sure that our processes run smoothly, our products
are well-produced, and our results come out exactly how you are expected.
Our software testing service is an integral part of the software development lifecycle. During the development cycles, we perform various types of testing like UI testing, functional testing, load and stress testing to detect errors and to verify that the functionality satisfies specified requirements.
After the delivery of a software product, changes are inevitable. We provide maintenance services that may include a variety of activities. The most common include issues correction, enhancements of capabilities, and optimization.
Code audit
We offer code audit and refactoring services for projects that are facing technical issues. For these projects, we provide detailed analysis of the source code, ooking for bugs and vulnerabilities, and improve the existing codebase by restructuring it. We make your code better and your project healthier.
Our benefits
We provide you with a dedicated team for your project
From idea to the launch
We always focus on details and planning to guide our projects to successful and predictable results. We follow your requirements through to delivery and produce software within budget and on time.
Transparent workflow
We keep our clients involved in the development process daily. Frequent checkpoints help us provide better visibility of our processes and avoid the risks of miscommunication and expectations mismatch.
Regular updates
To let our clients review the progress made in a specific iteration, we send detailed reports supported with demonstrations to ensure that their project is on track. Our clients have full control over their projects.

What our collaboration will look like

The diagram below provides a brief overview of our engagement with clients.
From the initial meeting to project delivery, we offer assistance and resources every step of the way.
Sign NDA
Discuss project
Sign contract
Set up interface
Maintain Product
Release Product
Deliver Regulary
Develop Software
Develop Software
Deliver Regulary
Release Product
Maintain Product
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