Maintenance of aircraft it's not a simple task, especially if you have to provide support a wide range of aircrafts in different locations.
We have designed and developed the platform which provides automation of big part paper works, increase speed of services during the maintenance of aviation equipment and aircrafts.

The platform is intended for internal use in JettPro company.

Below are the core features:

  • Document turnover automation;
  • Time accounting/calculation for maintenance and repair of different aircrafts;
  • Modules for tools calibration;
  • Inventory accounting modules;
  • Users notification modules within the system, (Important messages, material for study, reminders of certification, etc.);
  • Reporting Modules (on payments, balances on the warehouse, accounting and maintenance, etc.);
  • Modules for training and certification of personnel;

Most complex part which we had to solve during the development - it's a big amount of data of different types and associations which need to synchronize and structured. Our back-end engineers get done that job just excellent, as result we have easy/fast back-end part of the application.

Just imagine, how many details in airplane which need to mark, update or replace during the Maintenance.

JettPro already have some legacy code before we have started to develop the new platform.

Apart from developing new features, we also maintained the project by updating existing modules and fixing the bugs like:

  • Update the UI;
  • Complex filtering by different types and options;
  • Dynamic report generation and export to the different file format like PDF and other;

As results of our work, JettPro received a complete application, it's allowed to bring their services to the new level and optimize work flow.

We are continue to support and further development of the application for JettPro company.